Welcome to the website of Hars & Hagebauer BV - The Mango Specialist.

Our company, Hars & Hagebauer BV is located in the Rotterdam region of the Netherlands and is a 100% subsidiary of Hars & Hagebauer GmbH, Germany.
Hars & Hagebauer GmbH was founded in 1882 in Hamburg, Germany. Today the Hars & Hagebauer group is a very strong private company. The Hars & Hagebauer group trades in fruit from all over the world.

Our branch, Hars & Hagebauer BV, The Netherlands, has been active for almost 40 years and has a strong focus on fresh mangos. The mangos are mainly transported by sea and are available throughout the year. Importing fresh mangos by sea all year round, we are proud to call ourselves The Mango Specialist. In 2018 we imported and traded more than 4 million boxes of mangos.